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Pursue your culinary dreams online while learning from the world's top chefs!

With The Culinary Arts International’s live, online learning courses, you will have the opportunity to learn culinary arts from internationally certified chefs around the globe – live and in-person – all from the comfort and convenience of your home. Our online programs truly have no borders. Now you can bring the world’s best chefs into your own kitchen!

You can choose from three comprehensive and professional culinary tracts. Instruction for all of our programs is conducted through our innovative and exciting, real-time, live international kitchen classrooms, where you can observe and interact with top professional chefs from around the globe!

The Advantage of Online Learning

Many aspiring culinarians do not believe they can actually develop the hands-on skills they need in a digital classroom. Well, that’s just a myth because online culinary schools actually work.
An effective online culinary school offers both classroom learning and an intensive professional kitchen where students tend to gain real-world experience in the art.

Our online culinary education is a combination of many activities, including reading, chef demonstration and above all practice and feedback. Our programs are indeed flexible since they are designed in a manner that students can conveniently complete their studies from the comforts of their homes.

The Culinary Arts International’s platform is quite innovative and all programs are conducted through real-time, live international classrooms where students can observe and interact with some of the best professional chefs from around the world.

Pursue your culinary dreams

Top chefs from culinary institutions around the world will open their kitchen for live and interactive cooking demonstrations!

U.S. Certified
Culinary Programs


The Bechamel Sauce

The Bechamel Sauce

Béchamel, the Queen of Sauces Perhaps you’ve heard that French cuisine is the finest on the planet. People might have thought that way half a century ago, but things have changed. Celebrating international cuisines and understanding they’re all part of a greater global food repertoire has led us to a new gastronomic golden era. We can’t deny, though, that the great…

Why Study Culinary Arts

Why Study Culinary Arts

Why Earn A Culinary Degree From Home Today? Cooking is fun; it’s a way of expressing yourself, feeding your loved ones, and adding excitement to the world one dish a time. There are thousands of job opportunities in the hospitality industry for those prepared, and we’re talking exciting jobs, where no shift is the same. From small eateries to fine…