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Three (3) Essential Character Traits Any Aspiring Chef Needs to Succeed (And How to Cultivate Them)

Becoming a successful chef is a dream for many people who are passionate about cooking.

Why Study Culinary Arts

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Our Programs

At The Culinary Arts International, we’re not just a school. We’re your partner in achieving all your culinary dreams. Whether you want to pursue a culinary degree to refine your techniques or get an in-depth education for culinary entrepreneurship, we’ve got you covered.

Our focus is on providing the highest-quality culinary arts education possible. That means outstanding and exceptional training and education, unparalleled student services and support, and accessibility.

Learning under the direction of a Chef Instructor, you’ll receive professional instruction and feedback to help you grow your skills and talents and maximize your future in the industry. We’re passionate about helping you achieve your culinary dreams and becoming the head of your entrepreneurial chef journey!

Diploma in Culinary

Our Diploma in Culinary Arts is the perfect starting point if you’re ready to pursue your dream career working behind the scenes at one of the world’s most accredited restaurants.

Accredited by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation (ACEF) and TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority), this 6-month intensive program will give you the skills and qualifications you need to succeed in the culinary industry.

Graduates of the program will receive automatic ACF CERTIFIED CULINARIAN (CC) certification, demonstrating their exceptional skills and expertise. In addition, the Cookery NC ll (National Certification Level 11) qualification you’ll earn allows you to assume any of the following entry-level positions in the industry: Commis 1, 2, and 3, Pastry Cook, Hot-Kitchen Cook, Pantry Worker, Cold-Kitchen Cook/Garde Manger, and Saucier.

Diploma in Culinary Entrepreneurship

Are you a culinary whiz with an entrepreneurial spirit? Designed for aspiring chef-entrepreneurs, this 8-month program is the perfect way to take your culinary degree to the next level.

This entrepreneurial culinary course starts with our 6-month Commercial Cooking NC – II (Culinary Arts) program, which earns you the TESDA NC ll recognition and hones your culinary skills to perfection. But that’s just the beginning! The following two months of study focus on gaining managerial and business competencies through courses on marketing, conducting feasibility studies, preparing a business plan, catering/banquet management, purchasing, and control.

At The Culinary Arts International, we’re passionate about helping you become the best chef-entrepreneur you can be. Whether you dream of opening your own restaurant, catering business, or food truck, our Diploma in Culinary Entrepreneurship program will give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.

Step-up Italian Culinary Arts Program

Our Italian Arts Culinary Track I, II, or III is the perfect investment for the aspiring Global Chef.

This 2-month program will help you develop skills to correctly prepare, plate, and serve Italian cuisine.

During this on-site program, you will get a chance to learn about more than just the techniques—you’ll surround yourself with the culture that has sustained some of the world’s most well-known culinary traditions. Available in 3, 8, and 12-week formats, the program includes hands-on practical instruction in classical Italian cuisine and regional specialties fused with experiential restaurant learning.

*This course is only available to students who have completed our foundational Diploma in Culinary Arts.

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