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STEP-UP International Programs: Florence University of the Arts Culinary Certificate and US Internship

Looking to deepen your skills with an engaging international learning experience? We have two (2) international step up programs you may choose from: Advanced Certificate in Italian Culinary Arts where you will immerse in the heart of Tuscan-cooking in Florence for intensive culinary classes and restaurant training; or the US Internship program where you will stay from 6-12months in the US for paid-training through our affiliated internship provider.

Program Overview

Florence University of the Arts Culinary Certificate

Over 3-12 weeks, you’ll gain a deep understanding of Italian cuisine in our kitchen labs and theory classrooms and have the opportunity to put your skills into practice with experiential restaurant placements in Florence. Our program is available inthree (3), eight (8), and twelve (12) weeks durations.

Modules Include:

  • Local restaurant lunch production
  • Nutritional Cooking
  • Traditional Italian Food II
  • Cooking Light: Contemporary Techniques for Healthy Living
  • Physiology of Taste and Flavor
  • Local Restaurant Experience
  • Worldwide Cuisine Experiential Learning


Program fees include:

  •  Shared accommodations in Florence (single rooms available at an additional fee)
  • Partial meal plan
  • Gym access with free classes included.
  • WiFi and Internet access in all school facilities
  • Transportation from the airport to accommodation (pick-up only)
  • On-site advisor
  • Chef’s jacket


Note: The modules included in each program depend on the level and session selected. Please contact us for more information on the modules available for your session of choice.


To enroll in this program, students must complete and pass our Diploma in Culinary Arts or our Diploma in Culinary Entrepreneurship.


  • Track 1 (3 weeks): Advanced Certificate of Italian Culinary Arts
  • Track 2 (8 weeks): Master Certificate of Italian Culinary Arts
  • Track 3 (12 weeks): Master Certificate of Italian Culinary Arts

US Internship

The US Internship program is an option for our graduates to pursue international paid training in restaurants and hotels in the US from 3-12 months. This program is administered thru our accredited internship providers in the Philippines.

Many of our graduates opted to pursue this once in a lifetime experience of working in the hospitality industry in the  US to hone their culinary skills and to experience US kitchen work standards.

Please note that TCAI and our partner local internship provider do not guarantee visa approval.

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