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Admin - April 1, 2020

Important Announcement

Dear AHAculinary school students and alumni:

We pray and hope that you are all safe during these most difficult times. As advised by our government, please stay at home and for any symptoms like fever or coughing, you need to self isolate immediately by staying inside your room alone so that no one else in your family is contaminated. For severe symptoms like high fever with persistent cough and difficulty in breathing, please go to the hospital immediately and keep in mind that Philhealth will help pay for all your bills.

At home,take this time to practice your cooking skills and new recipes. For any cooking or culinary related questions, you may message me through our facebook page and I’ll make sure I will answer your questions.

Lastly, always remember that your AHAculinary school family is ready to help you during these times. Again message us in facebook and we will try our very best of our ability during these trying and challenging times.

Let us all pray that together with our government we are able to fight this virus and put an end to our lockdown and return to normal life at the soonest possible time.

God Bless and keep cooking everyone!


Gene Cordova, CEC, CCE

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